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African print clothing takes many names and forms - but all are just as bold and beautiful. The diversity of origin of African prints is intrinsic to their beauty and what makes them so distinguishable and unique. A Dutch imitation of Batik, originally intended for the Indonesian market, the designs became hugely popular in West Africa and have now become synonymous with African fashion and design. Designs depict strength, elegance, beauty, liveliness, creativity and confidence - and at TDARE we aim to celebrate this in everyone who wears our clothes. 


TDARE is a fashion house, founded by Tosin Akinsete and headed by creative and innovative graduates that work closely with the University of Nottingham Ingenuity Lab and it’s forward-thinking members. Our aim is to introduce the beauty and grace of contemporary African prints to the UK and bring Afro-centric design onto the world stage. 


Our fabrics are genuine African wax prints and are sourced from Nigeria. All of our pieces are handmade and tailored in either the UK or by our team in Nigeria who we work closely with. We will always offer quality, handmade African print clothing and homewares along with outstanding service and impeccable design. 

Message From   Our   Founder

I started my journey in the clothing business as an apprentice during a holiday whilst in secondary school and this interest persisted throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate study. My background of a creative and vibrant fashion culture and a tour of M & S clothing warehouse in the UK were the boost to actualising my passion in clothing - mass production of African print fabric. At the  completion of my postgraduate study at the University of Nottingham, I had the opportunity to enrol as a Graduate Entrepreneur with the Ingenuity Lab and the clothing business was birthed. Working with the Ingenuity Lab has provided the leap I need as an emerging entrepreneur. 



- Tosin Akinsete

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