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Fashion and Clothing

Cloth fashion comprises of the cloth material used and the style it is sown with. The outcome of this blend reflects culture, background and personality. Clothing can potentially mirror as well as affect our mood. Ever wondered why psychologists advise people who are depressed to put on “happy clothes”? The link is not far-fetched!

Fabrics of different colours, textures and designs are the building blocks of clothing items and essentially fashion. There are plain colour fabrics and multi-colour fabrics and individuals differ in their preferences. The choice of fabric is influenced by mainly by the prevailing culture and traditions people subscribe to.

We will be exploring more about clothing: the origins of clothing, changes and transitions over the years, the effects of culture and environment on clothing, existing clothing culture and trending styles and fashion.

TDARE fashion deals in colourful Batik fabric of Dutch origin, but with a blend of Oriental culture. It is popular among African tribes, particularly in West African countries and is also known as African print fabric. This fabric is distinguished from other clothing materials by its beautiful multi-coloured patterns and designs which make them attractive on people wearing them. Other clothing materials of interest are the Adire, a fabric of unique patterns made by “tie-and-dye” method, and the Aso Oke - thick hand-woven fabric often used to make head gears and men’s garment.

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