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Fashion Trends with Ankara (African Prints)

Everyone loves admiration and compliments especially when attributed to fashion and style. African print fabrics come in different patterns and radiant colors and have now become a symbolic statement in the fashion industry. Its uniqueness has cut across several boundaries beyond the African continent of which it is mostly associated with so much that even celebrities wear classy designs made from these gorgeous African print fabrics. Tell me who wouldn’t drop a jaw on seeing gorgeous designs and styles made from beautifully patterned African print fabrics with dazzling colors that are symbolic and communicate meaning.

Clothes made from African print fabrics adapt to different climate and weather conditions and some are also peculiar to customs and styles.

The amazing, attractive and flamboyant colors that African prints come in and the glamorous styles designed with it is something that attracts not just the eyes but the entire feelings. They are displays of beauty that leave lasting impressions on the viewer.

Joseph Sanders nailed it with his piece in his article titled ‘ Ankara Illuminates and Moves’ published 08/03/2016 09:50 pm ET with his expression “There’s something about Ankara that illuminates the eye when it moves and dances against the hip. It’s as if the colors flirt with the senses and then come to a slow stop as the person wearing them does the same”. How amazing the expression is… I fell totally in love with it because I found someone who spoke my mind the exact way. And Hey! Did I mention I’d give him a peg if I saw him right now? *winks*

The picture below is an example of exquisite styles made with great African print fabrics and can be worn all round different seasons and for different occasions.

Photo: Fashionte (http://fashionte.com)

Both pics are hype for the summer wardrobe but can be perfect for other cold seasons. pic 1( on the left) clearly shows how to balance up the design to accommodate cold seasons. Both designs can be worn on official with heeled or flat shoes and goes well with blazer and can equally be used as casuals for a date.

An outstanding feature of African fabric is that it can be worn with other fabrics to creating excellent statement. Below is an example

Photo: Esty.com

This gorgeous High Waist Gathered Skirt is exceptional! It is perfect for all occasions, be it formal or casual. It can be worn with shirts, tops, t-shirts, even denim tops too, and you can only imagine the amazing looks.

Guess what? TDARE has elegant and trendy styles for both male and female made from colorful African print fabrics that will give you an invigorating effect and at the same time stimulate your confidence and personality.


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