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Introducing.... TDARE

Right. As you are here, reading this blog post, you may already be familar with the TDARE brand. From looking at our website and social media (if not check them out, they beautifully showcase our products) you should know that TDARE specialise in African print clothing.

We clarify the origins of African Print here.

As a brand we want to be more than the clothes we sell. We aim to be the solution to your style problems. The perfect dress for that event you're attending. That stunning top, the one made to WOW on that date. The confidence boost you've been looking for. The ultimate vehicle to allow your bright personality to shine through. This is what TDARE aims to do. (Maybe the dress to our right is the one?)

Basing our brand around providing a service through style, TDARE is build upon roots which define our direction for the future:

1. Unleashing West African Culture into the UK.

2. Provide Jobs for our Nigerian Suppliers.

Simplified into the TDARE 2 C's: CULTURE and CAREERS.

CULTURE is built from the clothes we wear, the media we consume, the stories we tell. In West Africa, the popular style of choice is to be Bright, Bold and Bespoke. Sourcing mostly from Nigeria, TDARE captures the heart of West African culture in our fashion products and for those of you who want a more unique style we offer the Design Your Own service. What we are trying to say is we aim to deliver the soul of Nigeria and West Africa through our products to satisfy our customers with quality, design and service.

CAREERS are what we offer to our suppliers. Helping build a community and providing a family an income are what our customers should know they provide when shopping with TDARE. The jobs we provide and wages we pay allow for workers to develop their skills, educate themselves and thrive. This is why we at TDARE are proud of our products! We beleive in building our people over our profits.

In the future we aim to begin a charity donation scheme from TDARE profits. Have suggestions on charities we could support? Tweet us your suggestions! @tdarefashion

Step Out In Style with TDARE.

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