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3 Winning Ways To Wear African Print.

Right then, I'm writing this assuming you are familar with African Print clothing. This style can go by different names, predominantly Ankara, Batik and African Wax Prints. African Print is the style of choice in Western Africa, especially within the TDARE homeland of Nigeria. If you are one of our amazing customers, an Ankara enthusiast or you're just procrastrinating, then feast your eyes! As I aim to enlighten you, our reader, on 3 Winning Ways To Wear African Print!


Yes, Ankara clothing can be bright. Yes, it can be bold. Yes, it can be beautiful.

Then say YES to the DRESS! (sorry, I maybe using the word 'yes' too much. It's only because African Print is so YES!) Anyway, my point is, if there is going to be an audience then you might as well get their attention and stand out from the crowd. Very little statements do this like African Print and with TDARE we ensure that when using our Design Your Own Service you end up with your signature look.


When choosing an outfit there are certain rules we follow. Wearing Ankara, for the most part, throws many of these rules out of the window. However, Matching colours between items of your outfit will be the superglue that holds the whole look together! Maybe your African Print dress is mainly blue with hints of orange? Then pairing this with an orange necklace and earrings would complete the look. Fashion is an art, play around with it until you strike gold!


Why glam up only on weekends? African Print is definitley work appropriate; take the smart-casual look featured to the right as an example of how this can work. Stand out from your team, show your boss that you have that explosive personality that they need. For a more professionial environment, there are ways to tone down this look without comprimising on impact. A plain white shirt paired with patterned trousers can give you the edge in the office catwalk!

This has been a brief style blog by TDARE. If you like our African Print style guides, we invite you to browse our website to find the fabric and style for you.

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