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Could You Design Your Own Clothing?

Many of us have seen clothes in a store and thought that we could do better. It's natural, fashion is an art and is subject to our opinion. As the saying goes "Beauty is in Eye of the Beholder" and as the beholder, you should choose what is beautiful enough to wear.

At TDARE we offer you the chance to put your design skills where your mouth is. Our Design Your Own Service lets you match a killer style clothing to one of our eye-catching fabrics. This blog post will just act as a guide for a would-be fashion designer (YOU!).


Step 1: When you visit the Design Your Own page, you will make your first choice! Whether you would like a Men's or Women's style of clothing. A small choice yet the first one to an updated look.

Step 2: Once you have decidied your type of style, you must now choose a specific style. This varies between Men's and Women's, so you might even want to check out each section. Each style is unique and is professionally tailored by our staff in Nigeria. You will soon own a small amount of Nigerian culture and soul.

Step 3: Almost finished! We promise. Now you must make

the hardest decision of them all. Which fabric to use in your order. Each fabric is an authentic African Print, refered to as Ankara or Batik. Therefore, your item shall reflect the vibrance and beauty of Africa, regardless of which print you choose (Just make sure it matches your shoes!).

Step 4: Last Step! You will now be taken to an order form page. here you just specify the details of the style and fabric you would like in your order, along with your measurements. Then once payment is processed, your order will be tailored specifically for you!

Hopefully, your should understand our Design Your Own process a little better now. The sooner you order the better as our FREE DELIVERY promotion ends on the 31st March. Click here and save time now, own the clothes you've always wanted to own. Make your clothes as interesting as you are!

Once you've received your bespoke outfit, show us!

Caption your photo's on social media with #TDARE or #TDAREfashion

We will feauture you on our page as a model for the service!

Step Out In Style Today With TDARE

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