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Clothing is experienced both personally and collectively. it is often the first thing noticed about someone and exploring it helps to trace individuality and moments. They speak a lot about the person wearing them.

You can make statement with your our style of clothing and textile, to portray your heritage, belief and admirations. For Mandela, dress (Mandiba shirt) was an evocative political tool, which is now wildly marketed and showcased on Pinterest and vintage boutiques. View our CLOTHING STORE and DESIGN YOUR OWN section to make your own fashion history.

Fashion can also be thought out exhaustively on choice of textile, print pattern, texture, fitting and colours. Mandela's Madiba shirt reinforced his casual and simple lifestyle. Mandela was known to prefer more muted colours like earthy browns, warm yellows and charcoal black. Undoubtedly clothing plays a significant role in fashioning identity that is distinctive and historical. Mandela embraced his unique style and South African heritage whether meeting the Queen of England or Desmond Tutu.

People say textiles have emotional qualities. The Madiba shirts originated from batik fabric (now commonly called African print fabric). Read more about AFRICAN PRINT AND THEIR ORIGINS. Batik fabric are generally decorated with picturesque and nature inspired shapes. They are hybrid materials that draw on the affluent African textile history.

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Reference: Extract from Selvedge the fabric of your life - Fashioning the self: Mandela and the Madiba. Lydia Caston.


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