Can You Be Fun and Formal? 🤔🤔

Our main goal at TDARE is to deliver the energetic heart and soul of West Africa to the UK through our clothing products. We strive to provide the highest quality and most unique African Print fashion available, this is because we believe that your clothing should be as amazing and unique as you are.

However, we have noticed a trend in the fashion industry. Men's and Women's formalwear seems to be becoming more and more boring 😒, especially menswear, noticed by other bloggers such as FASHIONBEANS.

This Will Not Do!

As we advocate the usage of bright and bold fabrics in fashion, we dont agree with these stricter dress-codes that don't allow us to express ourselves how we wish!

Traditionally, formal event require us to tone down our looks as not to stir up too much attention. Though this does not neccesarily mean you must stick to the same three colours! Whether you are prepearing for an interview, attending as a wedding guest or invited to a formal party, there is no excuse for dressing silent. BE LOUD AND BE SEEN.

Wearing a beautiful Ankara pattern shirt? Wear some plain smart trousers instead of jeans, maybe a blazer if you're attending a stricter event. Wearing some African Print trousers? Then pair them with a nice fitting plain shirt to amplify the pattern of your trousers.

There are many, many, many different ways to wear African Print. This is the true beauty of the fabric, it is so versatile you can dress Fun, Functional and Formal all together! So please, at your next formal event, dress bright and dress beautiful. Express that amazing personality that we try to compliment wth our clothing! 😁😁😁

Thanks For Stopping By! x

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