• Ana Stefan

African culture - is about sharing a little bit every day

We all know that culture represents the particularities of a nation, its music, clothes, art, books, history, traditions etc. Every culture is unique and beautiful in its own way. Cultural differences create the beautiful diversity that we have the privilege to enjoy today.

We love to mirror African culture of beauty, laughter and elegance through our handmade clothes made from African print fabric. Anyone can have simple, exotic, elegance and bold expression of style and still in charity. We all love the feeling to explore something new. Oh well, with TDARE it is time to explore your style.

So, here is our motivation: sharing a piece of clothing with you, is like sharing a piece of culture fitted to our contemporary lifestyle. In this day and age, we have to concentrate on sharing love, kindness and good thoughts, building hope and better relationship with one another. Together we stand!

There is room for everyone on this planet Earth. To build a better world, remember to share your good thoughts, your experiences, your advice when needed to your fellow human being. We all matter, and we all contribute to this beautiful diverse world.

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