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A Guide to the Perfect Autumn Wardrobe 2020

A guide to Autumn wear 2020

As we leave the summer season, the days are getting cooler and the nights are getting longer, TDARE are prepared to set you with the perfect autumnal outfit! We want to infuse beautiful autumnal colours into your wardrobe, whether that be with a new or old piece of TDARE clothing!

Kimonos, big sleeves and off the shoulder are just some of the many African fashion trends of 2020 and we want to help you pick the most suited items for you to make you look cool and fashionable this autumn!

Here are a few garments that you can add to your wardrobe to create the perfect autumn look!:

1. African print women maxi skirt – This statement piece is a must have piece for your autumn wardrobe. It provides that extra bit of warmth due to the maxi length making a staple item. Style with a plain tank top to ensure the skirt works the magic!

2. African Print women off shoulder midi dress – If you’re attending any birthday parties (only 6 of course) this will be the perfect piece. It can be worn with some simple heels and perhaps a blazer if its chilly!

3. African print women off shoulder dress – This off the shoulder dress is definitely up there with the 2020 African trends! It is a perfect staple piece if you’re looking for something easy but fashionable to wear, whether that be for work or an event.

Tip: Style with a plain black bag and heels to create more of a statement, dress down with a pair of sandals.

4. Batik Trousers - these trousers are perfect for cooler days and have the versatility to be casual or smart! Pair these staple trousers with a plain blazer or a black high neck polo neck to create the perfect autumn look!

5. Ankara Ladies Kimono - This garment is perfect as an extra accessory to create the perfect autumnal look. Whether you're looking to create an outfit more exciting or just use our kimono as an extra layer, its a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

6. Blue African Print Blazer - This blazer is perfect to create a warm autumnal look. The colours add excitement whilst providing a layer of warmth to your outfit! Whether you're going to work or a birthday party, this is a perfect everyday item to include in your wardrobe. Style with a plain blouse and suit trousers.

And that's a wrap! These are a few of our favourite autumnal products that you can add to your wardrobe this autumn. Make sure you tag us in your posts and use the hashtag so we see all our beautiful customers in their TDARE products.


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