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Ankara Explained: Everything you need to know from Care to Wear

Updated: Sep 11

Focus on Ankara: Ankara, African print clothing can be found throughout our vibrant collection available to you at TDARE Fashion, but how much do you actually know about them?

Not everyone realises that Ankara fabrics were originally manufactured by Dutch people for Indonesian textile market, but quickly grew popular in West Africa, the region with which they are now primarily associated. To read more on history of African Print, check our previous crash course on it. We can find Ankara dresses, shirts, skirts, trousers, blazers and much more for everybody, and these garments showcase an endless array of patterns and colours.

TDARE African Print Ankara Blouse Flared Sleeve Top - available now...

How do I care for my Ankara clothing? Once you've grabbed a beautiful Ankara clothing such as our top shown above, there are plenty of ways you can properly look after it. Tips to consider:

  • Ideally you should use a mild fabric soap to wash your fabric by hand. You will NOT need to use any harsh detergents, or hot water, as this could damage the bright colour of your clothing!

  • If you do use a washing machine to wash your Ankara fabric, make sure you use a cold washing setting. Apart from preserving your cloth, you are also helping the environment by reducing energy consumption.

  • To preserve the colours after frequent wearing, we recommend not washing the garments after every single use, and air drying them when they have been washed.

TDARE African Print Ankara Two-Tone Shirt - available now...

Following the washing and care steps will help to keep Ankara shirts bold and vibrant. However, when considering purchasing an Ankara item of clothing, another question many people ask is...Are Ankara fabrics ethical and sustainable?

The answer is generally, yes! African 100% cotton grade Ankara fabrics are sustainable. TDARE fabrics are genuine African wax prints, and are actually sourced from Nigeria. All of our pieces are handmade either in the UK or by the our team in Nigeria, who we work with closely.

TDARE African Print Fitted Dress Flare Sleeve - available now...

Now you know about the history and background of Ankara, as well as how to care for your clothes, we hope you enjoy experimenting with the endless exciting possibilities Ankara fabrics have to offer! Visit https://www.tdare.co.uk for even more inspiration!

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