TDARE Fashion at Ingenuity17

February 22, 2017

Wonderful inspiring time at the Ingenuity17 Conference, University of Nottingham. Lots of challenging and inspiring speeches from the speakers ranging from young successful entrepreneurs to top entrepreneurs, business mentors and professors in business field. The programme was divided into four sessions in the first two days, these include the speech session, peer development seminar (with fellow entrepreneurs in the unit and mentors), healthy lunch, then speech and seminar again. 

An African adage says, 'adding wisdom from others to your own wisdom helps on to grow faster and learn from their experience'. Listening to the story of the various entrepreneurs ranging from textile (Tori Murphy), medical (Sarah Iqbal), retailer (Judy Naake), Digital expert (Susan Hallam), Fanbytes (Mitchell Fasanya), One Third Stories (Jonny Pryn) and lots more, and mentors and other academicians, emphasis was laid on some key points. Writing these points as it comes to my remembrance - know your product and understand your business, TEAM WORK (surround yourself with right people), persistent, be proactive, dream big and believe in yourself, the more you learn the better you become, trust your gut and try it. 

I won't forget to mention one of my unit mentor, David Bailey who was at our table on 2nd and 3rd day, I love his energy, passion, comments and advice to each person in Unit02. Also the selfless great entrepreneurs in the unit contributing positively to each other business and wanting to know more. My first attendance at three minutes pitch presentation was fun, interesting and inspiring. Congrats to Unit 24 that won!!

A big kudos and African hand wrap to Steve Chapman and the Ingenuity lab team who organised the programme which was a success.

Thanks to God for the privilege to attend. Emem and myself are learning more and will be employing the knowledge gained in serving our customers and fans better and making you happy.

Watch out for our new arrivals, grap your copy, contact us for bespoke order and do give us your feedback. Trust you got some useful tips in the writing. Thanks for your support.

Step out in style.....


Tosin with some Indonesia entrepreneurs, all dressed in batik fabric









Tosin modelling TDARE radiant batik skirt at Ingenuity17. Lots of lovely comments about it. Contact via email for your bespoke order